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Why Jim Garrison Indicted Edgar Eugene Bradley for Conspiracy to Kill JFK, Part Two...

Updated: Oct 11, 2021

Los Angeles Times, December 28, 1967

Yesterday, I posted the memos that led Jim Garrison to indict Edgar Eugene Bradley for conspiracy to kill JFK.

Here is another explanation for Garrison's actions. This is from the Tom Bethell diary entry of February 14, 1968:

"I asked Bill Turner when he came in if he had spoken to Garrison last night about what Rev. Brice reputedly said to Boxley on the subject of placing Bradley in New Orleans jurisdiction. Turner said he had not, and then made the following admission: that Garrison had told him the reason he was charging Bradley was a gambit in the publicity struggle than anything else. Apparently, according to Turner, Garrison does not really believe that Bradley is guilty."

So Bradley was a gambit. Pretty smart, eh?

Here is what Charles Ward, an Assistant District Attorney who worked for Garrison, told an audience, on August 7, 1969, while he was running for District Attorney. He was asked about the Clay Shaw case:

You can read the whole memo on Charles Ward's speech here.

Think about it. A District Attorney, in a major city in the United States, indicts a man for conspiracy to kill JFK as a gambit "in the publicity struggle."

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