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What ever happened to Norman Gallo?

Updated: Oct 9, 2021

Here is a case study in paranoia. Barbara Reid, a resident of the French Quarter, worked closely with several of Garrison's investigators. She knew everybody in the area and she was the one who claimed that Kerry Thornley introduced her to Lee Harvey Oswald. Here is a memo based on information she provided to Andrew Sciambra, Assistant District Attorney under Garrison, about a certain Mr. Norman Gallo.

In the minds of Garrison's investigators, this was all suspicious. Here is a memo on Gallo I found in the files of Bill Boxley, another investigator for Jim Garrison. He was certain that Mr. Gallo was involved in some sort of "intelligence activity."

Garrison then wrote a memo in September 1968 titled "An Analysis of Potential Witnesses Indicating Role of the Military Industrial Complex in the Assassination of President Kennedy."

I will post the entire memo tomorrow, but here is the section on Norman Gallo.

I'm glad Gallo was no longer living in New Orleans, Otherwise, Garrison would have subpoenaed him to appear before the grand jury, and probably would have threatened him with perjury if he didn't corroborate Oswald's intelligence connections.

At about the same time as the Garrison memo above was written, Garrison had a conference with his investigators, and Gallo came up:

Garrison is talking in the first part of the discussion above [he is G]. T = Bill Turner; F = Bernard Fensterwald.

Garrison says something strange - "if we can locate him, we may have somebody who may be willing to say 'yes, Oswald was with the CIA because of his philosophy...'"

It's a bit scary when Fensterwald says "I have a man who is very good for this. He was 29 years a Special Agent for Internal Revenue. He'll dog somebody to the ends of the earth."

What happened to Mr. Gallo? Well, I don't know if Fensterwald or Garrison found him, but here's a newspaper clipping from 1971.


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