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Was Sylvia Meagher a CIA Agent?

Updated: Jul 22, 2023

Conspiracy theorists like to accuse people they disagree with of being CIA agents. I've been on the receiving end of these accusations for many months -- you can see some of the examples in the links section below.

Vincent Salandria believed that Josiah Thompson was a CIA agent (see below). And I was quite surprised to see that Sylvia Meagher was also accused of being a CIA agent:

Here is the text of the letter:

Note for the Record, Feb. 6, 1987

The phone rang this evening and I heard a stream of obscene abuse. It was Ted Gandolfo, AKA Bob Foster. He said he had just learned what I "did to Garrison's book" -- That I was a "fucking CIA cunt" -- and that he would "expose me to the whole country". I said absolutely nothing. After further filthy language and verbal abuse, he hung up.

S. Meagher

Ted Gandolfo had a radio show and also published a conspiracy newsletter. He was a big fan of Jim Garrison and was clearly upset about Meagher's role as a referee in evaluating Garrison's manuscript for Prentice Hall. She wrote a 26-page critique of his manuscript, but recommended that his book be published because Garrison argued that Oswald was innocent. That conclusion overrode her concerns about much of the other content.

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