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Is Josiah Thompson a CIA Agent?

Conspiracy theorist Vincent Salandria once accused Josiah Thompson of being a CIA agent:

Raymond Marcus wrote a scathing letter to Thompson in January 1968 about his book Six Seconds in Dallas, and also said this:

Here is a Meagher note about where the suspicion came from:

She writes:

Tink 8 pm Tues 3/5/68

Vince [Salandria] called, invited Tink breakfast, he went, 2 hrs. talk, the "thing" that reactivated CIA suspicion is G. [Garrison[ said, talked to "a witness" who said she talked to Tink who warned her she would be killed if she talked to G.

Here is a Thompson letter to Meagher about being a CIA agent:

Here is his last paragraph:

Although Salandria thinks I'm an agent, one of his claque of supporters called me up to check a reference. I told him I could not comment on the President's assassination without first getting permission (in writing) from the Agency. I hope he'll understand that when you're in govt. service, you can't be too careful what you say.

I am proud to part of the same intelligence network as Josiah Thompson. I regularly get accused of being a CIA agent:

The CIA Wants You to Read My Book!

Or here.

And, if not me, then my friend James Kirchick:

"Guilt by Orientation" - The CIA Strikes Again!


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