• Fred Litwin

Was Lee Harvey Oswald a gay hustler?

Here is yet another prisoner contacting Garrison's office with information. Oswald “appeared to be a gangster-type hustler who would bust a homosexual’s head open to get his money.” From the dates listed, Oswald would have been in the ninth grade when these parties were going on.

I don’t think this was worth a trip to Atlanta. It's not surprising that Duncan Patterson did not testify at the Clay Shaw trial.

Here's another memo, written just two days, later.

Oswald doesn't appear to be a gay hustler in this memo.

Bonus memo: Nothing to do with Oswald, but here is a Bill Turner memo that is amusing.

Giesbrecht was a Canadian who claimed to have seen David Ferrie at the Winnipeg airport. Of course, Garrison took an interest in the gay angle mentioned above.

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