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The CIA's Dinner in Dallas

I am now in Dallas for the 60th anniversary of the JFK assassination. I come down here yearly to spend some time with my JFK buddies -- all of whom are in the sane caucus.

Last night the CIA sponsored an amazing dinner for us at El Fenix and top CIA agent Ruth Paine was the honored guest. On the far right is her son Chris. Others in the top row are Mark Wright, Bill Brown, Freda Dillard, Scott Maudsley, David Morley and myself. ON the bottom row are Ed Murray, Joe Alesi, Frank Badalson, Ruth, Matt Kordelski and Les Parson.

Of course I joke.

Last night I was on a panel discussion over Zoom from Canada and a conspiracy theorist was claiming that Beverly Oliver supported a back of the head blowout in JFK.

Beverly Oliver!

I'm losing patience with conspiracy theorists. Just have a look at their various conferences - crazy topic after crazy topic. The poor scholarship at these events illustrates the crisis of JFK assassination as an intellectual discipline. Presenters at these conferences are just purveyors of an ideology.

On Monday night, Ruth Paine gave a talk at the Irving Arts Center. I spoke to a young 14-year-old conspiracy theorist at the event. I saw myself in him, except I was 17 when I started believing in a JFK conspiracy. He rattled off a whole bunch of supposed issues - the smoke on the grassy knoll, Rose Cherami, suspicious deaths, etc. I asked him if he had ever read a non-conspiracy book, and he said Reclaiming History. I said, "you've actually read it?' He replied, well no. I warned him not go down into the rabbit hole and waste a large part of his life chasing a mirage.

When I get back, I will write a longer piece. It's been amazing week, hanging out with Ruth Paine and her friends, her son Chris, visiting the new museum at the Municipal Building where Oswald was briefly jailed, and having lots of good conversations with sane people.

Here we are Ruth Paine's house with Thomas Mallon, author of Mrs. Paine's Garage (on left)

Dealey Plaza at Midnight

After I finish the multi-part series on the Clinton/Jackson witnesses, I will be examining Paul Bleau's supposed chokeholds.

There is a lot more debunking to come.


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