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Steve Roe's Portrait of Jack Martin

A rare picture of Jack Martin

Jack Martin was the weasel who tried to blame David Ferrie for the assassination and who funneled all sorts of information to Jim Garrison. None of it was reliable.

You'll find Martin's rap sheet and his involvement with an illegal abortion in which a woman died.

Oh, and Steve presents some new research that allows us to fully evaluate Martin's state of mind.

Don't miss it.

Previous Blog Posts on Jack Martin

Links to a audio recording, and a transcript, of a Jim Garrison interview with Jack Martin from December, 1966.

Jack Martin told the HSCA that John Dean, of Watergate fame, framed Jim Garrison.

An early interview with Martin and Lewis.

Why did Guy Banister Pistol-Whip Jack Martin? Here's the real reason why Banister pistol-whipped Jack Martin

A transcript of a Pershing Gervais interview with Jack Martin from December, 1966.

Jack Martin helped spread the rumor that Oswald had David Ferrie's library card.

This never happened. This post includes Jack Martin's interview with the HSCA.


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