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Martin & Lewis Talk to the Press

Updated: Oct 11, 2021

Journalist Haynes Johnson spoke to Jack Martin and David Lewis in early March 1967 and this article shows the craziness of these two so-called witnesses. Here is his article from the Evening Star (Washington D.C.) of March 3, 1967:

This is a new low for Martin - claiming that Ferrie mentioned Shaw. Interesting that Martin was "not sure" if Oswald had been in Banister's office. Good decision on the Evening Star not to retain Jack Martin.

Johnson also mistakes Clay Shaw for Dean Andrews.

Here is an earlier Haynes Johnson story from The Evening Star of February 26, 1967:

I like the comment at the end, "I'll tell you about how this investigation is conducted. It's the craziest damn thing in the world." The quote was probably from Carlos Quiroga.


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