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Six Important Garrison Investigation Documents!

Updated: Oct 9, 2021

An Important Lead!

What I want to know is whether her new lenses were satisfactory? We just don't know what happened.

Well, go to one of their might meet someone!

Andrew Sciambra would have been popular at one of their meetings. Seriously, the Mattachine (not Matachini) Society was a very important organization fighting for gay rights in the 1950s and early 1960s. Assisting gay people in need of legal protection was just one of their goals. They also wanted to educate straight and gay people regarding homosexual culture, and they wanted to unify gay people and end their isolation. But, by the time this memo was written, the Mattachine Society was losing ground to more activist organizations.

This memo was written at the end of November, 1967. Garrison and his men still had a very active interest in homosexuals and homosexuality.

A Veiled Threat?

Coffey (not Coffee) accompanied David Ferrie and Al Beauboeuf to Houston on the weekend of the assassination. Coffey was not living in New Orleans, and so Garrison had to "persuade" him to come in and talk. Garrison told William Gurvich, “Well, let’s just write him a letter and tell him if he’s having any trouble, we’ll be glad to contact his employer … and tell them he’s simply wanted in New Orleans as a witness in the investigation … He would sure as hell have to come or else they would fire him.”

An Important Clue!

David Ferrie got a speeding ticket in 1962. He did 80 in a 60 zone.

Another Promising Lead!

I hope they didn't upset the poor woman. Jimmie Johnson was later hired by Garrison to rekindle his friendship with David Ferrie and then inform on him.

So, what happened?

The suspense is killing me.


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