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Richard Case Nagell's Lawsuit

I have previously posted a long blog post about Richard Case Nagell's history of mental issues deriving from his place crash in 1954.

Here are some of the papers from his petition in 1975 for a full disability pension.

On Page 9, the plaintiff [Richard Case Nagell} admits the following as fact:

Richard Case Nagell was a very sick man. He deserved better from the military. Fortunately, he won his case for a full pension.

Richard Case Nagell

A Wrap-Up of the Richard Case Nagell Story

The Importance of Richard Case Nagell to Some Conspiracy Theorists

Was Richard Case Nagell the "Most Important Witness There Is"?

Jim Garrison and a few conspiracy theorists think Nagell is a very important witness. But is he really?

Genesis of the Richard Case Nagell story

Did David Kroman Crack the JFK Assassination Conspiracy?

David Kroman met Richard Case Nagell at the Springfield Medical Center for Federal Prisoners. Stephen Jaffe, a Garrison volunteer, wrote a memo, relating Nagell's story through the eyes and ears of David Kroman.

Richard Case Nagell Shoots Up the State National Bank in El Paso...

Nagell was convicted of armed robbery and was sentenced to ten years, but his conviction was overturned because of startling new evidence.

Richard Case Nagell and the JFK Assassination

Did Richard Case Nagell Have Foreknowledge of Oswald and the JFK Assassination?

There is no credible evidence that Nagell had any foreknowledge of either Lee Harvey Oswald or the JFK assassination.

Did Richard Case Nagell Meet Lee Harvey Oswald?

Nagell claims he met Oswald in Japan, Texas, Mexico City, and New Orleans. There is no credible evidence that he ever met Oswald.

Did Richard Case Nagell Warn Fidel Castro about the Assassination?

Nagell went to Cuba and met with Fidel Castro and even played ping-pong with the man.

Insane Conspiracy Theories about Richard Case Nagell

Who was Leon Oswald?

Richard Case Nagell said that he knew the two Oswalds - Lee Harvey and Leon. Some conspiracy theorists believe this madness.

Richard Popkin Melds the Second Oswald Theory with the Richard Case Nagell Story

Combine one part crazy and one part ridiculous and what do you come up with? An early attempt at a unified conspiracy theory of the JFK assassination.

Two Smoking Guns of the Richard Case Nagell Story

Is this Document the Smoking Gun on the Richard Case Nagell Story?

Nagell sent conspiracy theorist Dick Russell one page of a military intelligence file which seemed to indicate that he was monitoring Oswald and his wife on behalf of the CIA. But does the whole document really show that?

Dick Russell's Second Smoking Gun on the Richard Case Nagell Story

Did Richard Case Nagell have an Oswald Military ID in his possession when he was arrested in September 1963?

Richard Case Nagell and Jim Garrison

Why Didn't Richard Case Nagell Testify at Clay Shaw's Trial?

Richard Case Nagell believes that he wasn't called to testify at Clay Shaw's trial because his testimony would have blown up Jim Garrison's case.

Jim Garrison Discusses Richard Case Nagell

At a conference in September 1968, Garrison and his investigators discuss his face-to-face meeting with Nagell in New York City.

Richard Case Nagell Sends Jim Garrison on a Wild-Goose Chase

William Martin, an Assistant District Attorney working for Jim Garrison, tried to retrieve a tape that Nagell said contained the voices of three JFK assassination conspirators.

Richard Popkin Writes Garrison About Richard Case Nagell

Richard Popkin, author of "The Second Oswald," writes Jim Garrison about Richard Case Nagell. Garrison staffer Tom Bethell thought the Nagell lead was useless.

Richard Case Nagell's Mental Health

Richard Case Nagell's Fight for a Disability Pension

Nagell won a full disability pension in 1982 and the 60+ page court case provides complete details on his mental problems.

Why Did Richard Case Nagell Shoot Up the First National Bank of El Paso?

Richard Case Nagell told a psychiatrist why he shot up the bank in El Paso in 1963.

Richard Case Nagell's Family Speaks about his Mental Health

The FBI spoke to Nagell's ex-wife, his mother, his sister, and one of his friends. They all agreed that Nagell had significant mental health problems.

Richard Case Nagell Visits Europe in 1969...

Nagell visited the American consulates in Zurich and Barcelona in 1969. He was a deeply disturbed man.

Richard Case Nagell in Europe, 1970 Edition

More shenanigans in Europe in 1970.

Richard Case Nagell's Evidence

Richard Case Nagell's Nonexistent Evidence

None of the so-called evidence that Nagell promised would materialize on his death has shown up. Did this evidence ever exist?


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