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Jim Garrison Calls for a "clear, broad-based perception of reality."

The diary of Arthur Bremer is, of course, very suspicious:

"It is my considered judgment that the diary left behind by Arthur Bremer, while undoubtedly written by his hand, is an example of the deception customarily used by intelligence agencies. It serves as an arrow pointing in the wrong direction. It serves to help make a highly meaningful act appear meaningless -- just as did so much of the "evidence" gratuitously left behind after the assassinations of John Kennedy, Martin Luther King, and Robert Kennedy."

This wasn't the first time Garrison discussed the Wallace shooting.

New Orleans Times-Picayune, June 10, 1972

"Vidal, in his discussion of E. Howard Hunt's writings, demonstrates this tendency. At one point he argues that Arthur Bremer's diary was not written by Bremer because it is too literate. Awkward fact that, because much of the diary is illiterate. That, of course, is all a part of the scenario: "they" did that, too. Thus both literacy and illiteracy tend to confirm the theory. What, then, could disprove it?"


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