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Hugh Aynesworth on the Garrison Investigation, Part Five

Pittsburgh Press, February 6, 1969

Money quote:

At least a dozen witnesses -- none of whom came forward in the first three years after the assassination -- have placed Shaw with Ferrie, Oswald with Shaw or all three.

Stephen Roy, in his unpublished biography of David Ferrie, Perfect Villain: David Ferrie and the JFK Mystery, wrote:

"The 1963 Ferrie investigation was as notable for what did emerge as for what did not emerge in 1963. In terms of later allegations specifically connecting Ferrie to an assassination conspiracy, Perry Raymond Russo and Charles I. Spiesel did not come forward. In terms of later allegations of a 1963 relationship between Ferrie and Oswald, Delphine Points Roberts, David Frankin Lewis Jr., William George Gaudet, Thomas Edward Beckham, Raymond Broshears, Ronald LeVore Lewis, Judyth Vary Baker, Van Burns, Joseph Samuel Newbrough and the Clinton/Jackson witnesses did not come forward. The name Clay Shaw did not emerge in 1963, so a long list of people alleging a relationship between Ferrie and Shaw did not come forward. In short, all that emerged in 1963 were Jack S. Martin and a few people alleging that Oswald and Ferrie may have served in the Civil Air Patrol at the same time, eight years before the assassination."

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