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Hugh Aynesworth on the Garrison Investigation, Part Four

Pittsburgh Press, February 5, 1969

Money quote:

Mr. Garrison has said publicly many times that all his witnesses must pass tests involving polygraphs, truth serum and hypnosis. "There's no margin for error this way," he explained.
Russo, however, totally failed two polygraph tests, given by two different operators. Bundy, likewise, flunked the polygraph, and at least three of Mr. Garrison's closest assistants begged that he not be put on the stand.

Here are some relevant blog posts about the lie detector tests:

It did not go well.

Garrison was told he wasn't telling the truth but he still put him on the stand.

Garrison is actually cross-examined on the stand regarding lie detector tests.

O'Donnell administered a polygraph test on Perry Russo and he testified about what happened.

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