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Homosexual Ring That Killed Kennedy Revealed by Confidential Reporter

Updated: Oct 9, 2021

Great headline, huh?

This was the cover story for Confidential Magazine from August 1968. I first saw this issue of this magazine at the Committee to Investigate Assassination Archives at Georgetown University last year.

It's an amusing story, and I sent out copies to some of my colleagues. But, since the story was in Confidential - a pulp magazine that was started in 1952 - I didn't think it was too important.

But, then I noticed something that made the store much more interesting. The author of the story was a Garrison investigator. You've probably heard all the denials that Garrison never made an issue out of Shaw's homosexuality - well, what was a Garrison investigator doing writing a story like this in August 1968.

According to the article, Kennedy was the "victim of a sick and vicious homosexual plot," and that "Oswald was "steeped in the homosexual underworld." The homosexual ring consisted of Oswald, Ruby, Ferrie, Shaw, Russo, and J.D. Tippit.

Lest you think this is just some article. Here's a primary document from the Garrison investigation.

There's a lot more about the Garrison investigation and homosexuality in my book, On The Trail of Delusion. And, I identify the Garrison staffer who wrote the Confidential article.


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