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Gerald Posner's List of the Best Books on the JFK Assassination

The reaction to Posner's list on Twitter has been quite flattering:

"This careful deconstruction of Jim Garrison and what Litwin describes as his “scam prosecution” is thoroughly persuasive and satisfying. It serves not only as a fast and entertaining read about the pitfalls of looking for buried truths in the JFK assassination, but also as a clarion warning of the dangers of excessive and unchecked power in the office of any prosecutor. On the Trail of Delusion has moved to the top of my “recommended” list as an antidote to Oliver Stone’s portrayal of Garrison as a dedicated truth-seeker. After finishing On the Trail of Delusion, most readers are likely to conclude that the only person who should have been charged and imprisoned as a result of Garrison’s investigation was Jim Garrison himself."


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