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Garrison vs. the people

Updated: Oct 24, 2021

Here is an editorial from the Chicago Daily News right after the acquittal of Clay Shaw:

Chicago Daily News, March 4, 1969

Unfortunately, Garrison was re-elected for another term.

Here is an editorial from the Arkansas Gazette from March 4, 1969:

And, here is the San Francisco Chronicle from March 4, 1969:

Note the inclusion of homosexuals with "bums, perjurers...and other social misfits and bottom rungers." And in a paper from San Francisco. Gay people still had ways to go in terms of acceptance.

Here is the Los Angeles Times from March 4, 1969:

Here is a very good letter to the editor from the March 7, 1969 edition:

And here is an Oliphant cartoon from March 8, 1969:

Here is the Miami Herald from March 4, 1969:

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