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Five Wacky Garrison Memos

Updated: Oct 9, 2021

As I started going through the papers of Jim Garrison, I started finding some really crazy, wacky memos. I put them aside in a file, and I now have over 150 of such memos. So, here are five that I found amusing. Every week or so, I'll post more of these memos.

  1. Investigative Leads?

Garrison’s team was obsessed with gay sex. Because they initially believed that the JFK assassination was a homosexual thrill killing, they thought that anything related to homosexuality might lead them somewhere. I doubt police were called to Shaw’s residence. He was a very circumspect man, and the idea of him being naked on his balcony is hard to believe. It’s hard to see how any of this was viewed as an “investigative lead.” There was no other memo about the supposed orgy and the Jefferson Parish authorities.

2. Now, here's some good information

She was placed in a sanitorium for treatment of alcoholism. All of this information was “submitted for evaluation.” I don’t think it went very far. Interestingly, this was the same mental hospital where Oswald supposedly applied for a job and the same place that treated Rose Cherami.

3. Even Garrison Had Trouble With This One...

Bill Turner was a reporter for Rampart's magazine and he also did some investigative work for Garrison. He had been an FBI agent but was fired in the early 1960s. Many of his memos are really funny! Here's a Turner memo on Ruby and Lyndon Johnson being in the same bar in Mexico. Even though it is far-fetched, Turner still wants to investigate.

4. Why Didn't He Call the FBI?

An important lead which was probably missed by the Warren Commission.

5. Remember the Game Telephone?

This so-called lead, which is just fourth-degree hearsay, goes absolutely nowhere.


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