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Clem Bertrand's Library Card...

Updated: Sep 20, 2022

In the middle of the Garrison investigation, this library card turned up.

Bill Turner wrote about the card in his article, "The Garrison Commission," in the January 1968 issue of Ramparts Magazine:

"Thus it may be significant that Oswald obtained library cards in Dallas and New Orleans, and usually visited the libraries on Thursday. The possible implication of his visits was not overlooked by the FBI, which confiscated every book he ever charged out, and never returned them. A piece that may fit into the puzzle is the discovery by Garrison of an adult borrower's card issued by the New Orleans public library in the name of Clem Bertrand. The business address shown is the International Trade Mart [Shaw's former place of employment], and the home address 3100 Louisiana Avenue Parkway, a wrong number, but conspicuously close to that of David Ferrie at 3330 Louisiana Avenue Parkway. There may be a pattern here, since Oswald supposedly carried a card issued to Ferrie when arrested in Dallas."

But was this card legit?

Clay Shaw's legal team did some investigating and here is their memo on the library card:

The issue of the library card turned up again, after Shaw's acquittal, in one of the memos of 'new leads,'

So, they decided that perhaps they should re-examine the lead! From there the memo goes into la-la land.

Shaw did not sign his name as Clay Bertrand in the V.I.P. Room. He was supposedly with a group of U.S. State Department visitors who had a military escort. The military man did not recognize a photo of Shaw, and while one State Department employee did recognize Shaw - it was only because he knew Shaw professionally, and he said Shaw was not at the airport.

I have not found any further Garrison memos that refers to the library card.


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