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Clay Shaw's Journal, March 4 - 7, 1967

Updated: Oct 11, 2021

The reality of what Clay Shaw is up against starts to kick in.

Note that J.B. refers to J. B. Dauenhauer. who was the Assistant Managing Director of the International Trade Mart, and thus was Clay Shaw's main assistant.

Some comments about these entries:

Shaw continues to drink: "I was up at six o'clock, and the psychic pain was so intense that I found myself drinking a martini at six am. Definitely not a good thing." Shaw's best friend, Jeff Biddison, notices and Shaw writes that "He was somewhat upset at my drinking, and I must agree that drinking in the morning is a very bad thing. However, neither he or anyone can understand the psychic pain with which I awake, which drives me, if possible, to ease it a little around the edges."

In addition, Shaw also needs sleeping pills at night. "Jeff is concerned that I am drinking too much and that I am depending too much on sleeping pills. However, this did not stop him from picking up an additional supply for me."

Shaw also turns to religion to ease the pain. He visits with Father Sheridan, and they even share a martini. "I can no longer avoid the fact that the time has come for some commitment to be made and in a sense I am ashamed that it took such a catastrophe, that it took the iron of affliction to enter my soul."

In terms of his case, Shaw notes that Ramsey Clark said that he had been investigated and cleared by the FBI. But Clark misspoke - he meant that the FBI had investigated the Clay Bertrand story back in 1963 - 1964. Shaw's name never came up during the Warren Commission. To this day, that blunder by Clark is cited by conspiracy theorists as proof that the FBI was investigating Shaw back in 1963.

Lastly, Shaw's attorneys have told him that his defense will be costly. "In conference with Billy and Eddie [Wegmann] today, it was made clear to me that the cost of defending this suit may be absolutely enormous and staggering. Indeed, it may leave me pauperized. However, my immediate concern is to get this suit over and I am resolved not to worry too much about money. I have made it before and I can make it again, and, in any event, the Lord will provide. My religious feelings are getting deeper and I finally have been able to begin to pray."

Shaw summoned the strength to get through his ordeal. His lawyers charged very little in fees, although he did have to pay $30,000 for detective work. Once the case was over, Shaw's retirement came to end and he had to sell his house, and go back to work.

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