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Clay Shaw's Journal - His Arrest

Updated: Oct 11, 2021

Here is another excerpt from Clay Shaw's journal. You can see that this was dictated into a tape recorder.

Note the reticence of Shaw to discuss his homosexuality (his private life). He was a gay man in the closet and he was trying to keep it quiet. Little did he know what was in store for him.

This paragraph stood out:

"I had no objections to taking a truth serum and answering any questions about the assassination, but like a great many people, there are areas in my private life which I did not care to have opened up. I therefore told them I would not take a truth serum until and unless advised to do by a lawyer, who I wanted to contact right away. They made no objections to this and indeed the entire staff were very gentlemanly and had apparently set out to destroy my life in the nicest and most cleancut way possible."

Shaw and his lawyer offered to have a lie detector test, or truth serum, if Shaw had a day's rest, and if they could review the questions to ensure that the sensitive part of his private life would not be probed. Garrison turned them down.

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