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An Early Interview with Perry Russo

Updated: Mar 4, 2023

Here is a transcript of this short video:

Russo: Now, in late September or during October, the month right prior to the Kennedy assassination in November, Dave Ferrie had occasion to come over to the house on several instances and I went to his place, and just passing, and he made specific references that, in talking about Kennedy, he said, 'We will get him and it won't be very long.' Now, the last time I can remember him saying that was sometime in October, but he was obsessed with that idea.

Q: Did he ever mention Lee Harvey Oswald's name?

Russo: No.

Q: No conversation at all about --

Russo: No. I had never heard of Oswald until the television of the assassination.

Q: Why have you never said anything about this before? Didn't it strike you that it might have some connection?

Russo: Well, when the assassination, of course, caught me by surprise and caught everyone else, I would guess, when it finally was over and the Warren Report -- Warren Commission was set up and they intended to go and examine all of the details and made claims that it was going to do everything extensively, and I left it to the professionals. And they were supposed to come out with the verdict. Then they came out with the verdict that Oswald was the only man. So I forgot it. Then Garrison began his probe and subsequently got in the newspapers in New Orleans. And then later on on television everywhere and in that probe, he said that there was a conspiracy and he could prove it. It still didn't ring a bell anywhere along the line. I just -- it was far from me that I would, you know, ever have met a person that would have been a conspirator to kill the President of the United States. Thereafter, when Dave Ferrie died, the name, I still doubted if it was the same guy. I just thought it was another Dave Ferrie. But when I saw his picture in the paper, then I knew it was the same man and I had just as well say something to someone. And I wrote the District Attorney the next day, and he should have gotten it Friday. Now, I saw the pictures this week.

Q: You haven't talked with any federal agents or anybody from the Warren Commission about this?

Russo: No, no one has contacted me. Actually, the first time I made a remark about this was today and -- to anyone in public.’’

This was probably filmed in Baton Rouge right after Russo came forward.

It's interesting that the assassination caught him by surprise. He didn't even come forward when Garrison's probe was announced. He had no recollection of meeting Lee Harvey Oswald. Russo only came forward after David Ferrie died. There is no mention of Clay Shaw.

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It was only after Perry Russo was brought to New Orleans that his story began to change. He was administered sodium pentothal, and then he was hypnotized on three occasions. And then all the details of his recovered memory of a party in which they discussed the assassination came out.

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