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Exclusive: Perry Russo Talks in Baton Rouge, Part Two

Just after David Ferrie died, Perry Russo called the media in Baton Rouge to talk about his experiences with the man. Here is an audio of his conversation with WAFB, Baton Rouge, Louisiana, on February 24, 1967.:

This is an important interview because it took place before Perry Russo had made any contact with Jim Garrison's office. And so this is all he knew before being injected with sodium pentothal and being hypnotized three times.

Is this evidence of a conspiracy to assassinate JFK? Russo says that Ferrie talked "in general terms, not specifically about Kennedy though, about how easy it would be to assassinate a president of the United States ..." And Ferrie said it "just in a joking way, he said it could be done."

Russo said Ferrie never mentioned Lee Harvey Oswald and Russo never heard the name until after the assassination. There was no mention of Clay Shaw or Clay Bertrand.

It's also unclear how well Perry Russo really knew David Ferrie. He said that Ferrie talked about how Castro was getting a bad deal, and that Castro was "a good thing in Cuba." That doesn't sound like David Ferrie. He also seems unsure where David Ferrie lived.

Russo also said that Ferrie had a roommate who was "sterile" as regards to politics. That might be true but, as we know, he later said that Ferrie's roommate was Lee Harvey Oswald. And Oswald wasn't "sterile" as regards to politics.

Russo never informed the Warren Commission or the FBI about his conversations with David Ferrie. The assassination caught him by surprise and then Russo "forgot" about his conversations with Ferrie.

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