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Will JFK Assassination Insanity Move to the John Lennon Murder?

A three-year investigation into the murder of John Lennon has unearthed a series of extraordinary inconsistencies - including the suggestion that detectives may have fundamentally misunderstood how the shooting happened.

British author and TV producer David Whelan has exhaustively examined Lennon's fatal shooting on December 8, 1980, as he and his wife Yoko Ono returned to their home in the Dakota Building overlooking New York's Central Park.

Whelan has unearthed a trove of documents relating to the killing, including gunman Mark Chapman's 'hit list' - published for the first time here - which as well as the former Beatle also featured Marlon Brando and former First Lady Jackie Kennedy Onassis.

My immediate reaction to seeing this article was to wonder if conspiracy theorist Lisa Pease will now write a book. And sure enough, she did send out this tweet:

Pease is referencing her claim that Sirhan Sirhan was hypnotized and only fired blanks at RFK. Whelan thinks Lennon's murder is similar to RFK's: "I think Mark Chapman was potentially shooting a gun or thinking he was shooting a gun possibly blanks."

Pease has also retweeted some of David Whelan's tweets:

So, Whelan's inspiration was conspiracy books by Lisa Pease and James DiEugenio.

Hat tip: Gus Russo and Steve Roe.


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