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Why was Marina Oswald asked about a Mr. Farry?

Some conspiracy theorists find it strange that Marina Oswald was asked about a Mr. Farry before David Ferrie was even questioned by the FBI and the D. A.'s office in New Orleans.

"When Marina Oswald was sequestered at the Inn of the Six Flags in Dallas, she was interrogated by the Secret Service. They asked her questions about her husband: about whether he owned a rifle, a handgun, or had been to Mexico City. But they also asked her about a “Mr. Farry.” And also if she knew about a Leonard Reisman at Tulane University, who was part of the Committee for Peaceful Alternatives. (Weisberg, p. 19)
As a reader later wrote to Harold, what makes these questions so startling is that they seem to have been asked on November 24th, before Garrison brought Ferrie in for questioning. “Farry” is obviously a misspelling for Ferrie. In other words, the FBI [sic] was on to Ferrie before the DA even talked to him."

There is nothing startling about this at all. Here is how this happened:

As you can see from this report, Jack Martin called up looking for Herman Kohlman. He was busy calling everybody to talk about David Ferrie. Donald Mitchell shared an apartment with Jerry Stein, whose former roommate was Kohlman. After chatting with Jack Martin, Mitchell called Secret Service agent John Rice.

And, Gifford then called John Rice of the Secret Service. Rice evidently reported the information to Washington:

Inspector Kelley in Dallas was then called with additional questions to be asked of Marina Oswald:

Yes, thanks to Jack Martin and Donald Mitchell, the Secret Service was on to "Farry" before Ferrie was questioned. But so what and why not? There is no mystery here, and for some reason, conspiracy theorists like James DiEugenio keep bringing this up like they have discovered some great anomaly.


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