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Was Lee Harvey Oswald Arrested in New Orleans in 1962?

Updated: Jan 5, 2022

A New Orleans policeman remembered arresting Oswald at the lakefront in New Orleans in 1962. The only problem is that Oswald was not in New Orleans at the time.

This set them off on a search for a TV repair truck:

Here is another version of the above memo, with some additional information, and a later date:

Garrison realized there was a problem with the year:

So now they had to search for a "Latin technician."

Maybe it was 1961:

This is yet another example of a Garrison 'lead' that went absolutely nowhere. Garrison spent about 3 years investigating the JFK assassination. His team followed leads all over the United States, they interviewed prisoners and they talked to anybody who contacted them. All of their leads went nowhere. Maybe, just maybe, there was no conspiracy to find.


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