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Was Jack Ruby in Clinton with Clay Shaw and David Ferrie?

Updated: Oct 9, 2021

When Anne Dischler, a Garrison investigator, interviewed witness Andrew Dunn, he said that Shaw, Oswald and Ferrie were in the car seen in Clinton. Here is his affidavit from July 1967.

The last paragraph reads: "I have looked at several pictures handed to me by Lt. Fruge of the State Police and have identified three pictures of the men in the car. He did not have a picture of the fourth man."

Dunn was then questioned by Andrew Sciambra, and Guy Banister was picked out as the fourth man. Clay Shaw was the driver.

A few months later, Dunn was questioned again, with different results.

Now, the three people in the car are Jack Ruby, Clay Shaw, and Guy Banister - and Ruby was the driver.

Andrew Dunn was on the list of prosecution witnesses, for the Clay Shaw trial, that was leaked to the Shaw defense team by Garrison staffer Tom Bethell. Here is his paragraph on Dunn from his June 1968 memo:

Unfortunately, Andrew Dunn got drunk in early June, 1968, and he hanged himself with his belt. This was just before Bethell wrote the memo.

Fast forward to 1971 - when there were three days of hearings before Judge Christenberry to see if the perjury charges against Shaw would go ahead - and Andrew Dunn was listed as a prosecution witness. Here's how the hearing went:

Of course, William Dunn was the witness who identified Thomas Beckham as being in the car (see our post from yesterday).

Of course, Clay Shaw's defense team was not given a copy of the memo that identified Jack Ruby as the driver of the car.


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