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Walter Cronkite on Oliver Stone

Steven Fagan [sic; Stephen Fagin]: As someone so dedicated to getting the truth out, I’d like to get your opinion on the forty years of books and documentaries and Oliver Stone’s film and the variety of material that has come out relating to the assassination over the years.

Walter Cronkite: Oliver Stone’s film was an abomination, an absolute abomination. If there is any reason in the world for press censorship, that film would go right to the top of the evidence. For heaven’s sakes! That entirely phony, novelesque thing that he produced, even suggesting that Lyndon Johnson had a hand in it simply to become President of the United States. The way he pilloried that poor guy down in New Orleans that had absolutely nothing to do with any part of it. But just the social enmity that he had created with him, I mean that the district attorney created, caused all of that thing. The story was so badly mangled. And to give that to another generation of Americans as history was just, as I say, to my mind abominable.


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