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Two States-Item Reporters were also working for Garrison!

Updated: Oct 9, 2021

Here is an excerpt from a memo written by Aaron Kohn, head of the Metropolitan Crime Commission, dated August 10, 1967. He bumped into Ed Baldwin, lawyer for Walter Sheridan, and they had a chat:

As an example, here is the first page of a Ross Yockey memo with Garrison notations:

Here is a short excerpt from a book review in the New Orleans Times-Picayune of George W. Healy, Jr's book, A Lifetime On Deadline.

Finally, after Clay Shaw's acquittal, both New Orleans dailies called for Garrison's resignation. James Kirkwood attended a party with several members of the press:

"Sunday afternoon Moe Waldron of the Times threw an open-house farewell for the press and victory celebration for the defendant at Mom's Good Eats. Terry and Leonard Flettich, Jeff and Nina Sulzer, Jerry Cohen, Hugh and Paula Aynesworth, Mike Parks, Jim Phelan, Bill Block and his young and pregnant wife, Judy, John Mourain, Rosemary and Jud James, Doc Queeg of the UP and perhaps twenty others were there, including some of the local newspaper fellows, who were indulging in a goodly share of drunken crowing over the local editorializing. It got a bit thick after a while and I could not help commenting that although the editorials were indeed called for and appropriate, it was surprising that the papers had been able to restrain themselves for a period of two years, since they now asserted, "We don't think that charges ever should have been preferred against Mr. Shaw . . ." and "We have had to bite our tongue in the face of injustice that unfolded before us." Certainly this was one of the great tongue-biting jobs in the history of journalism. And if the States-Item truly felt "constrained from comment on the case by the guidelines which Mr. Garrison himself has consistently ignored," why compound Mr. Garrison's violation of the guidelines by printing his many shocking and unfounded allegations, such as the Clay Shaw fingerprint card and other highly suspect "evidence'? To these questions, the newsmen pleaded innocent and reminded me that the policies of their papers rested with Ashton Phelps, president and publisher, and George Healy, Jr., executive editor at that time."


"Garrison points out now that he has been working with these two States-Item reporters named Hoke May and Ross Yockey. These reporters, Garrison says, plan to explode the CIA involvement in the States-Item; a first report has already appeared, one which dealt mainly with Gordon Novel's alleged involvement, stated involvement. Garrison reports that these young reporters have the Pulitzer Prize on their horizon, and that they have done their homework. It was to Hoke May that the lawyer, Plotkin, said he was being paid by the CIA."

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