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Twenty Years after JFK assassination, Garrison Aides Attack His Case Against Shaw...

Updated: Oct 9, 2021

To commemorate the 20th anniversary of the JFK assassination, the New Orleans Times-Picayune ran two articles on November 20, 1983 on the Garrison case. They spoke to a number of people who worked with Jim Garrison, and they were all pretty critical.

Here are the two articles in their entirety.

Here is the second article:

There are some incredible tidbits in the above articles. Charles Ward, an Assistant District Attorney under Garrison said that "Most of the time you marshal the facts, then deduce your theories. But Garrison deduced a theory, then he marshaled the facts. And if the facts didn't fit, he'd say they had been altered by the CIA."

Right after David Ferrie died, Garrison's top aides tried to convince him to drop the case against Shaw.

"This is your chance, they told Garrison. You can drop the faltering investigation and save face. You can say you can't continue because your chief witness is dead. You can write a book about the assassination, and you can even fulfill your dream of running for governor."

Garrison's reply - "Are you crazy? Don't you realize that we are on the verge of solving one of the crimes of the century?"

There was no shortage of craziness. Andrew Sciambra, another Assistant District Attorney "recalls that he interviewed a witness over the telephone for several hours before he learned the man was calling from a mental institution."

And, yes there was paranoia. Charles Ward said "As the investigation wore on, it wore on him. And he became more and more paranoid." Garrison commented that "I never was paranoid enough. I was warned that I should have been."


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