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The General Walker Shooting

Few people know as much about the shooting of General Edwin Walker as does JFK researcher Steve Roe. I've been on his tour of the shooting in Dallas and it's been a highlight of my visits. So, it's not surprising that Steve has something to say about the recent slew of posts about the Walker shooting on the Education Forum and other websites.

Click here to read Steve's latest post. Here is a short excerpt about the chain of custody of the Walker bullet:

Factoring all this in, is there any other evidence to solidify that CE573 in the National Archives was the real bullet found in the Walker home on the night of April 10, 1963?

The answer is yes.

Billy Gene Norvell who was only on the DPD force from December 1, 1962, to May 4, 1963, was tracked down by Dallas FBI agents Barrett and Lee. After some confusion with a Bobby Gene Norvell, who was a popular Garland High School football player, who went onto Baylor University and into the service, the FBI located former DPD patrolman Billy Gene Norvell in Irving, Texas and interviewed him in a report on June 4, 1964. Norvell explained what happened that night, and stated he did initial the bullet with a "N" or "BN", near the base of the bullet. He described the bullet being in a mangled condition. (2)

Using the NIST Hi-Def photos of CE573, which revealed the Elmer Todd initials on CE399, here is Billy Gene Norvell's "N" initial exactly as he described where he put his initial, near the base of the bullet.

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