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The Funniest Garrison Investigation Memo Ever!

Updated: Oct 9, 2021

David Ferrie was one of Garrison's early suspects. He suffered from alopecia, which meant that he lost all of his body hair. So, he used to paste on a wig, and fake eyebrows, sometimes out of felt. This made him look quite ridiculous.

Ferrie died of natural causes (a berry aneurysm) in February 1967. I'll be posting more documents about his death in the coming weeks - in particular reports of his feeling quite ill before his death.

Garrison put him under surveillance, and even hired agents to infiltrate his life and report back. Here is one of the funniest Garrison investigation memos ever - one written by William Gurvich in December 1966 (the date at the top is wrong). Gurvich defected from the Garrison investigation in June 1967 when he realized the whole thing was a sham.


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