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Search Warrant for Clay Shaw's Apartment

Here is the document that Jim Garrison submitted in order to get a search warrant for Clay Shaw's home.

An interesting description of the "meetings" held at David Ferrie's apartment.

"THE reasons and facts for the request of this search warrant are: Affiant has evidence that meetings were held in the apartment of David W. Ferrie at 3330 Louisiana Avenue Parkway and the people present were David W. Ferrie, Clay Shaw (alias Clay Bertrand), and Lee Harvey Oswald and an informant and other persons. These meetings were held in September 1963 and the above named individuals, namely David W. Ferrie, Lee Harvey Oswald and Clay Shaw (alias Clay Bertrand) were discussing how they would kill John F. Kennedy, President of the United States. At these meetings there was an agreement and combination among Clay Shaw (alias Clay Bertrand), Lee Harvey Oswald and David W. Ferrie and others to kill John F. Kennedy. At these meetings where was discussion and agreement to carry out this conspiracy."

Meetings? There was only one supposed meeting.

An agreement and a combination? Really?


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