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Rob Reiner on the Two Oswalds

Here is an excerpt from a transcript:

Len Osanic: I was going to ask you about John Armstrong, if you have any comments.

Rob Reiner: John Armstrong, by the way, I think he’s brilliant, that guy.  I’ve met with him, he came to my house. You know, he has the whole thing about the two Oswalds, which is completely compelling, I mean it is totally compelling, but to explain how the two Oswalds would work, because it’s well known that in a lot of these operations they use doubles a lot of the time, and that’s part of the obfuscation and the wilderness of mirrors, they do this in many operations, but to explain all that, you know, it would take up so much real estate to explain that, and it also might get people who are learning about this for the first time …. I didn’t want anything in the podcast that might people go ohhhh, you know, and discount the whole thing.

This interview was for Osanic's Black Op Radio. I am not sure when this is going to air.

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