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Nick Nalli's Response to Gary Aguilar and Cyril Wecht

Updated: Jul 1, 2022

The blatant mean-spiritedness pervading the GA/CW [Gary Aguilar/Cyril Wecht] pieces and exemplified in the above already speaks for itself and ought to be disturbing to anyone with a modicum of good will. The behavior is more akin to that of schoolyard bullies than that of professional physicians, and the slander they levy against professional scientists and experts, who never did anything to deserve it, is nothing short of nauseating.
That said, irrespective of their spitefulness and vacuity, these allegations, taken individually and collectively, are also manifestly false.

Please read the entire article.

I hope that Nick gets an apology that he so greatly deserves from Aguilar and Wecht.

Please take the time read Nick's important contribution.

Important takeaways:

  1. The acoustics evidence cannot be resurrected. Nalli's rejoinder to Thompson on the acoustics is persuasive.

  2. JFK's head does move forward about 2 inches between frame 312-313, indicative of a shot from behind.

  3. Thompson's supposed forward lurch starting at frame 327 is just a continuation of forward movement that started earlier. "JFK's motion during these frames is not due to a near-instantaneous interaction of his head with a high-speed projectile, but rather the interaction of his lifeless body with the backseat, Mrs. Kennedy, and the force of gravity."

Here's an important part of Nick's paper:

Barger and Mullen offered Thompson one additional argument against the validity of HOLD: The presence of multiple hum frequencies on the Channel 1 recording suggested that the HOLD crosstalk was somehow overdubbed during the creation of a multigenerational copy. However, they based this on the Ramsey Panel copy, which was already known to be a multigenerational copy, so there was nothing surprising about the presence of these hums. The only way Barger could solve the timing problem was to conclude that there was overdubbing, and the only alleged direct evidence of overdubbing is the extra hums.”
If a mysterious overdubbing were the origin of the HOLD crosstalk, then this hypothesis can be tested against earlier copies: Not only should earlier copies not only not contain the hums, but also, they should not include the HOLD crosstalk. And O’Dell, once again, has convincingly demonstrated that this is not the case. Verify for yourself that the HOLD crosstalk is present on all three known versions of the recordings (the Ramsey Panel’s, the FBI’s, and BBN’s); therefore, HOLD is not a dubbing artifact: Dictabelt Hums and the "hold everything secure" Crosstalk.

Nick worked on his review of Thompson's book with other brilliant people including Paul Hoch, Michael O’Dell, Max Holland, Francis Corbett, Roland Zavada, Martin J. Kelly, and Louis Girdler.

Note that Nick's review is hosted by Dale Myers at his excellent blog: Secrets of a Homicide.


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