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Nick Nalli Reviews Josiah Thompson's Last Second in Dallas

Updated: Oct 11, 2021

We interrupt our regularly scheduled program to bring you some breaking news.

Nick Nalli is a brilliant man. I met him a few years ago in Maryland while I was going through documents at the National Archives. He has a great sense of humor and he excels in his job as a climate scientist. His sharp mind allows him undertake the type of analysis that is beyond mere mortal people, like myself.

Nick wrote an amazing paper on the head shot to JFK. I couldn't think of a better person to write an in-depth review of Josiah Thompson's new book, Last Second In Dallas.

And, I woke up this morning to some very good news - Nick Nalli has done it again!

Nick worked on his article with other brilliant people including Paul Hoch, Michael O’Dell, Max Holland, Francis Corbett, Roland Zavada, Martin J. Kelly, and Louis Girdler.

Note that Nick's review is hosted by Dale Myers at his excellent blog: Secrets of a Homicide.

Thanks, Nick!


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Veteran Warren critic Cyril Wecht, MD, JD and I published a two-part article that is available at Kennedys and King, "“Peer Reviewed” Medical/Scientific Journalism Has Been Corrupted by Warren Commission Apologists - Part 1 and 2." We show that Nick Nalli's work is not only seriously flawed factually, it's ALSO borderline fraud. His original, and celebrated, "jet effect" paper was published in Heliyon journal, a supposedly a "peer-review" journal. As we show, Heliyon is NOT a peer review scientific journal; it's a pay-to-publish vanity journal, which explains why he published so many tendentious errors of fact.

Ours is an extraordinary charge. It requires extraordinary evidence. Read the evidence for yourself and decide. It's available here:

Gary Aguilar, MD

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