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My 700th Blog Post

My post yesterday about Dr. Louis Jolyon West and Jack Ruby was the 700th post since I started my blog in September 2020.

Here are some of the more important posts over the past year:

Conspiracy theorists have alleged that del Valle was anything from the paymaster of David Ferrie to being involved in the assassination to actually being one of the gunmen. Here is the truth about Eladio del Valle from someone in a position to know.

The Fake Oswald Handbill

The handbills that Oswald handed out in the streets of New Orleans were stamped with either his home address or his post office box. He only used the 544 Camp Street on a few Corliss Lamont pamphlets -- and they were stamped with F.P.C.C. rather than Oswald. And yet, the Oliver Stone film JFK, and the so-called Oliver Stone documentary series, JFK: Destiny Betrayed, used a fake handbill. Here are four posts which examine the fake handbills.

An analysis of the handbill used in Oliver Stone's so-called documentary, JFK: Destiny Betrayed.

An examination of where the fake handbill came from.

A look at James DiEugenio's use of the fake handbill.

Jefferson Morley is the latest researcher to use a fake Oswald handbill.

Conspiracy author Harold Weisberg alleged that Oswald had a crypto clearance. Was there any truth to this?

An examination of the origins and meaning of the phrase, 'who shot John?'

Does Dr. Henry Lee deserve his reputation as one of the top criminalists in the United States?

Dr. Dolce's opinions were not accepted by his colleagues and for good reason.

A look at the redactions in some of the current releases of documents and how Mark Lane has misused this issue in the past.

A column I wrote on Oliver Stone's visit to Quebec City.

There is nothing amiss in the chain of custody of CE 399.

And of course, the fun part of writing a blog are the insults, and yes, I am on the CIA payroll.

Over the next year, you can expect more posts on the Garrison investigation, important documents from the Meagher Archive, a new look at what happened in Clinton, Louisiana in the summer of 1963, and more documents from the National Archives.

Stay Tuned!


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