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Mordecai Richler on Conspiracy Theorists...

Updated: Jun 12

Mordecai Richler was an important Canadian author whose books are studied in schools across the country. His book, The Apprenticeship of Duddy Kravitz, was made into a film with Richard Dreyfuss. Richler also wrote numerous essays and was known for his acidic tongue. His depiction of Jewish life in Montreal, my home town, is unparalleled.

Caricature of Mordecai Richler by Aislin, one of Canada's finest cartoonists.

Money paragraph, towards the end:

"My problem with the conspiracy theorists is that given a yard of provable dirty work, they want us to run another 99 with them to fantasy touchdowns. Something uglier. Like Senator Joe McCarthy before them, they deal irresponsibly in rumor and innuendo..."


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