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Jim Garrison's Prosecution was "Demagogic"

Bennett Gershman

New York Law Journal, January 27, 1993

Bennett Gershman was the Assistant District Attorney in New York County from 1966 - 1972 and was Assistant Attorney General in the office of the New York State Special Prosecutor's Office from 1972 - 1976.

Judge Christenberry held three days of hearings in January 1971. Jim Garrison took the stand and was cross-examined by Clay Shaw's attorneys.

I love the conclusion of Gershman's article:

Garrison's prosecution was demagogic because it reflected illegitimate personal considerations as opposed to valid law enforcement objectives. As the federal courts concluded, Garrison was motivated by actual "bad faith," "ulterior motive," and "the specific intent to deprive Shaw of his rights." Ironically, although "JFK" is intended to expose governmental deceit and abuse of power, it conceals the well-documented abuse and corruption by its hero. This is not to suggest that there was not a conspiracy to assassinate President Kennedy. Whether there was or not, Garrison was not embodying the pursuit of truth and justice. Millions of Americans, however, as they watch Kevin Costner, won't see it that way.

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