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Jim Garrison's Propinquity in Action

The theory of Propinquity was one of Jim Garrison's main investigative techniques. Here's how staffer Tom Bethell described it: (from his essay "Was Sirhan Sirhan on the Grassy Knoll?" in his book The Electric Windmill)

"If two people lived near one another, say within two or three blocks, it's suspicious. If any closer - they are 'linked.' If, on the other hand, they live at opposite ends of the city, get a list of friends of each (from their address books). Two such friends are very likely to live in the same block, or even know each other. Presto - the link."

There were many Oswalds in the New Orleans phone book, and under the theory of propinquity, two of them, Julius and William, were of particular interest - since they both had ties to the coffee company where Lee Harvey Oswald worked.

Garrison subpoenaed both William and Julius Oswald for questioning:

Did they really have to be subpoenaed?

Here is an article from the Times-Picayune of May 4, 1967:

Here is an article from the Times-Picayune of May 5, 1967:

The Washington Post wasn't amused:

Montgomery Advertiser, May 20, 1967


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