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Jim Garrison's "fatally flawed case built on flimsy evidence."

Here is an overview of the Garrison investigation from the New Orleans Times-Picayune of December 15, 1991.

Here are some of the important quotes in this article:

"He had changed from a liberal, crusading, dedicated public officer to a megalomaniac. Once he became fixed on the Kennedy probe, he became absolutely ruthless in his pursuit of it."

David Chandler on Jim Garrison

"A few of us quite frankly were relieved. We were hoping this was the opportunity we had been waiting for to shut it down, say the key to the case had died and get out. Unfortunately, Garrison's reaction was just the opposite."

John Volz, Former Assistant DA to Garrison, on David Ferrie's death.

"Garrison would develop the theory, then go out and try to get the evidence to back it up. And the theories kept changing."

John Volz

"A couple of assistants went off to interview Spiesel and came back and said, 'Well, he'd make a good witness, but he's crazy,' Then I realized they were planning to use him anyway."

Tom Bethell on Charles Spiesel

"Clay Shaw could have lived a tasteful, quiet, lovely life for 25 or 30 years on what he had saved. Instead his life was wrecked to advance Garrison's agenda. The cynicism was appalling."

Rosemary James

"Garrison took an innocent man and used him to get the international acclaim that he sought. He was a nut and a phony, and he never had a case.

Irvin Dymond, defense attorney for Clay Shaw


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Mark O'Blazney
Mark O'Blazney

Dymond sure tore Charlie Spiesel a new one on the stand there, uh......

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