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Jim Garrison's book, A Farewell To Justice

Updated: Oct 9, 2021

I recently came into possession of the first three chapters of Jim Garrison's manuscript, A Farewell To Justice, from 1985. I am posting today the Table of Contents, and Garrison's chapter outline.

Garrison got nowhere with this manuscript. He reworked it and retitled it Coup D'etat, and Prentice Hall paid him a $10,000 advance. They hired Sylvia Meagher as a referee, and she submitted a 26-page critique. She recommended publication because Garrison now said that Oswald was innocent - a position she had long maintained - as opposed to Garrison's naming Oswald as a conspirator in the Shaw trial. However, the book was ultimately rejected by Prentice Hall for a couple of reasons - the chapter on Fred Crisman was unconvincing, and Garrison's insistence that the motorcade route was changed was too big an error for them to ignore.

His chapter 5, "The Secret World of Clay Shaw," is just ridiculous. He says the "Italian press in 1962 identified Shaw's group as literally a C.I.A. operation" when the articles came out in 1967. The organization, Permindex/CMC, was not banned in Italy.

Garrison mentions Shaw's trip to Montreal with Ferrie which is a complete fiction (check one of my earlier blog posts). He makes the claim that Clay Shaw and David Ferrie were "both identified as C.I.A. contract employees" which is patently false.

He doubts Oswald visited the Soviet or Cuban Embassy in Mexico City. And, as I mentioned yesterday, his chapter 11, "The Escape of the Assassins," centers on the three tramps and Fred Crisman - Garrison claims that they were the killers of Kennedy.

I can understand why this book was rejected. And, I can understand why Sheridan Square Press had it rewritten as a first-person narrative. If you want to learn more about why Garrison took Fred Crisman out of his book, please read MY book, On The Trail of Delusion - Jim Garrison: The Great Accuser.

I'll be posting, at a later date, the first three chapters in their entirety.


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