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Jim Garrison Claimed Marina Oswald was Controlled by the White Russian Community

Here is what Meagher wrote to Harold Weisberg about the interview:

There is no shortage of Garrison craziness in the interview:

  • "Marina Oswald had long since been taken over and controlled, literally, by elements of the White Russian community in Dallas; and there are individuals in the White Russian community in Dallas who are involved in the assassination."

  • "Elements of the Dallas police are deeply involved in the assassination, and provably involved in the assassination.."

  • "Now, I'm not saying a word here that we can't prove."

  • "The only thing I have to say about that is that there are actually considerably more than seven men at Dealey Plaza. Seven is an inadequate description."

  • Garrison is asked if this will come up at trial. He replies, "Dealey Plaza, yes. Not necessarily everything you have in mind, but the fact that there were a number of men at Dealey Plaza, including radio communications, use of transistor radios, to tell when the parade was coming, at what point it was turning, to signal when the guns were to be picked up, to indicate when the coast was clear -- the Dealey Plaza operation will now be part of the trial."


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