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James DiEugenio Misleads Viewers on Oswald's "Hands Off Cuba" Handbills

The 1992 documentary, Beyond JFK: The Question of Conspiracy, by Danny Schecter and Barbara Kopple, is included on the Blu-Ray disc of Oliver Stone's JFK.

Here is an excerpt from a transcript: (42:41)

James DiEugenio: When Oswald returns to New Orleans in the summer of 1963, he begins to pass out communist literature. On this literature was an address, and the address was 544 Camp Street.

The handbill shown in the documentary is fake:

Here is a real Oswald handbill:

The real handbills used a capital "L" in Literature. The fake handbill uses a lower-case "l". The spacing of 'Location' under 'Literature' differs in the fake handbills as does the spacing for 'Member.'

This fake handbill was used in Oliver Stone's film JFK, and a slightly different fake handbill was also used in Oliver Stone's so-called documentary series JFK: Destiny Betrayed.

Oswald's handbills were only stamped with his home address or his post office box. 544 Camp Street was stamped on a few Corliss Lamont pamphlets, but under the F.P.C.C., not Lee Harvey Oswald.

I have a few questions for James DiEugenio: Why did you use a fake Oswald handbill in this documentary? Where did you get this handbill from? I wrote about the use of a fake handbill in JFK: Destiny Betrayed in August, and you have still not responded.

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