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Is this the Smoking Gun that ties Oswald to Ferrie and Shaw?

Yup, here it is! Courtesy of the Malcolm Blunt archive (found in the David Ferrie folder in the New Orleans -Louisiana section)

Ok, there must be a few conspiracy theorists who will believe this, no?

Well, Joan Mellen did mention this in her book, A Farewell to Justice: (Page 40)

"In the 1980s, a retired Louisiana state trooper named Norbert A. Gurtner told the FBI that, shortly before the assassination, he was copilot with David Ferrie on a Beech D-18 flight from New Orleans Lakefront Airport to New Orleans Moisant and on to Love Field, Dallas. None of the passengers carried baggage. Nor did Ferrie introduce Gurtner to any of them. Gurtner identified Lee Harvey Oswald and Clay Shaw, and a young man named Perry Russo as passengers, and while this configuration demands pause, Gurtner’s revelation, apparently without an ulterior motive, should be noted. Gurtner said he was willing to take a polygraph if the FBI had any interest. It hadn’t."
I suspect that a useful measure of the plausibility of an allegation could be derived from the percentage of well-known names. If a source claims to have met with David Ferrie, Allen Dulles, and Fidel Castro in Jack Ruby's nightclub, I'll go on to the next document. Any post-Garrison story with Clay Shaw in it starts with a heavy burden of skepticism to overcome. I now put Roscoe White in the same category.

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