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Harold Weisberg Writes Oliver Stone!

Updated: Oct 9, 2021

In June 2019 I went to Hood College in Frederick, MD to go through the Sylvia Meagher Archives. The are housed in the same room as the Harold Weisberg Archives, and so it gave me a chance to go through both. I should add that the papers of Raymond Marcus and Hal Verb are also there.

Harold Weisberg was an inveterate letter-writer and his letters provide us with an insight into his character, as well as providing us with some very interesting stories. Weisberg was prickly, egotistical, angry, and was also a notoriously bad writer. He wasn't a great typist either - although his wife was often called to retype and clean up his prose.

Weisberg made the trek to New Orleans to help out Jim Garrison. Over time, Weisberg's opinion of Garrison changed. When Oliver Stone came on the scene to make his film JFK, Weisberg was very upset that he licensed Garrison's On The Trail of The Assassins and Jim Marrs' Crossfire. And, so he wrote Stone with his concerns.

Here is Weisberg's February 8. 1991 letter to Oliver Stone.

I don't know if Oliver Stone wrote or phoned Weisberg. I doubt it. Here is Weisberg's next letter to Oliver Stone:


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