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Garrison Lead #95

Updated: Oct 9, 2021

Below is the first page of a 37-page memo listing 103 outstanding leads as of November 14, 1967. I will soon be posting the entire memo. Most of the leads were nothing more than rumors - and lead #95 is no exception.

Here is lead #95.

Lead #58 is the same lead:

The East Louisiana Hospital was a mental institution - interestingly, it keeps popping up in the Garrison investigation.

This lead was followed-up. And like most of Garrison's leads, it went nowhere.

From there, the trail ends.

Ok, here's lead #45.

I thought Oswald lived with David Ferrie, no?

The Cuban doctor worked at the Mental Institution mentioned above - the same hospital that Oswald supposedly applied for work, and was the focus of the Clinton witnesses and Rose Cheramie.


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