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Fred Litwin on Conspiracy Clearinghouse

Here is an outline of the discussion:


02:06 - I was a Teenage JFK Conspiracy Freak

05:44 - The Great American Myth of the 20th Century

08:22 - "Proofs"

08:42 - The parade route

10:21 - The magic bullet (CE 399/FBI 1)

13:14 - The truth is, these just aren't very bright guys

14:43 - The rifle

16:41 - The Zapruder Film & frame 313

21:56 - The Three Tramps

27:36 - The Babushka Lady

29:16 - Too many Oswalds

31:00 - Umbrella Man

32:21 - Oswald on the run

35:03 - Jack Ruby

37:39 - Oswald's possible motivations

40:25 - Jim Garrison: On the Trail of Delusion

44:03: - Echoes today, focus on the great center

Excerpt at 48:27:

Host: what can people do?

Fred: I face insults every day on Facebook. You wouldn't believe the insults i get every day. Just as we speak, there's been like two or three insults posted about me. What I try to do is ... I'm not engaged with the insults and I try to realize that the people who are insulting me, I'll never find words to change their mind. So, if I act reasonably on these Facebook pages, the people in the middle, the people who are just watching -- not sure what to think about some of this stuff, if they see me acting reasonably that will help my case. And so I say this to everybody -- be reasonable, be considerate, and be kind. And that's the only way you should lead your life. It's the only way forward.


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