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Did Oswald and Ruby plan to buy a restaurant together?

Updated: Oct 9, 2021

Why wouldn't Jack Ruby want to partner with Lee Harvey Oswald in buying a nightclub or a restaurant? What a perfect partnership - Ruby could manage his two clubs in Dallas, and Oswald could manage the club in New Orleans.

And, isn't it interesting - a phone call from Ruby in New Orleans to Oswald in Dallas! It must have been important, Ruby could not wait till he got back to Dallas to talk with Oswald. Why wouldn't the 'authorities' take that seriously?

By the way, there is more to come from Mr. Baumler....stay tuned.

There were other tantalizing Ruby/Oswald connections. Here is one from the Garrison leads memo of November, 1967 - lead #12.

I can't read the last line completely - but I think it reads "It has been confirmed that Kim did have some early connection with ..... and probably with Ruby." Is the missing word Oswald?

Here's another Oswald-Ruby connection. This is a letter sent to Garrison's office with a notation from Garrison:

This letter was found in the Bill Boxley files at the NARA - he was an investigator for Garrison. The heads of a lot of his documents have been stripped off. What is interesting here is that Garrison so readily believes the hearsay.

Tomorrow: A cab driver says he drove David Ferrie and Lee Harvey Oswald to Jack Ruby's nightclub in Dallas.


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Jan 05, 2021

I was working in Oak Cliff when Lee Harvey shot officer Tippet, and saw him as he was walking away from the murder seine, I was working at the Connor of Tenth & Denver as a brick layers helper,

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