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Did Jim Garrison Defraud the National Guard?

Updated: Oct 9, 2021

Here are some excerpts from a memo written by Aaron Kohn, head of the Metropolitan Crime Commission of New Orleans, on May 31, 1967. On May 2, 1967 Kohn met with Walter Sheridan, who was in New Orleans working on the NBC documentary on Garrison, who had a question:

Hufft [the FBI spelt his name as Huff] had already informed the FBI:

Clearly, this fell under the jurisdiction of the FBI as it was a federal crime. But, the FBI was cowed by Garrison, and just wouldn't proceed with an investigation.

Kohn then went to the FBI with the allegations:

The FBI says it has two sources - but it does appear that Huff is the main source - since Kohn got his information from him. Regardless, the FBI had no interest in investigating this claim. This is yet another example of how the CIA and the FBI did not do what they could in either helping Clay Shaw, or in trying to stop the charade going on in New Orleans.

MuckRock covered this back in 2017.


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