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Did David Ferrie Send a Letter of Confession?

Updated: Apr 1

Glen Pinchback called Garrison's office several times with important information about a letter of confession from David Ferrie. Is this the key to the assassination?

Mr, Pinchback kept on calling.

This memo was found in the Bill Boxley files at the National Archives. Many of these memos have their headers removed, so I don't have the exact date. Note the Garrison notation at the bottom: "Note: Baragona is important."

In one of the farewell letters that Ferrie left in his apartment, he mentions flying Baragona in his Beech airplane:

Of course, the text of this letter was published in newspapers after Ferrie's death.

Mr. Pinchback called again.

Yes, Confidential Magazine thought this was an important article, right up there with "V.D Increases Sex Potency. Here is the article:

Pinchback's allegation was so far out that he is not even mentioned in Joan Mellen's book, A Farewell to Justice.


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A fascinating post. A quotation from that purported Ferrie letter appeared in one of the assassination newsletters back in the sixties - I remember the comment about liberal arts students. Is there any independent confirmation for Ferrie's authorship or do we only have Pinchback's word? The claim that Adlai was murdered is not unique to Pinchback/Ferrie. It seems to keep cropping up!

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